When company is established and which country you guys export?

Company established in 1989- For last 3 decades company is providing vehicles across the globe.

Where is the head office of PNC JAPAN?

PNC Japan head office is in Yokohama, Japan.

What type of cars do you deal in?

We deal in all types of transportation means from used vehicles to machinery and parts including half cut / nose cut and tires.

Do you sell used vehicles through stock and auction?

Yes, we sell used vehicles through both stock and auction methods

What is the official phone number and email address to contact PNC Japan?

To view our complete contact details, Please visit our contact us page

What are your timings?

Our sales and support agents are present 24/7 to cater customers from across the globe. You can reach us any time you want as per your convenience.

How often is the stock updated?

Stock is updated on real time basis and after every minute it can get uploaded.

How do we buy used vehicles through your stock?

To know the entire buying process of used vehicles via stock, click here to visit our How to Order page.

How long vehicle is reserved?

Vehicle is reserved for 48 hours.

Does available stock pre inspected ?

Yes! They are, before buying vehicle for stock our quality control team assure that vehicle is 100% fit to drive with all features in order.

Do you guys arrange vehicle currently not available stock?

Yes! we can arrange any type of your desired vehicle from live auction as per your requirements and specifications.

How do i become an auction member?

We are providing auction membership to all our registered members free of cost — click here to become member.

How can i bid?

Live Bidding is only allowed to paid members of PNC JAPAN.

How Quality can be assured?

Our sales team are professionals have vast experience of Auction . Your account manager will guide you about quality and condition of vehicle as per available auction sheet.

Do you guys check car physically before bidding?

Our bidding team compromised of professional available in Almost All major auction houses . Before bidding we inspect car physically.

Who will take care of delivery of Auction Purchase?

PNC JAPAN take cares of whole buying process from purchase to delivery to yard including shipment and Dhl tracking similar to stock purchase.

Can i make payment in yen?

Yes payment can be make either in Japanese yen or USD dollars.

Do i need to make 100% payment in advance?

Payment can be made either full in advance or based on terms mutually agreed at the time of purchase.

How do i can transfer money?

Payment can be transfer via Telegraphic Transfer with is most commonly used mode of payment across the globe.

Where i can transfer payment?

Payment can be transfer easily to official banking details of PNC JAPAN. CLICK HERE TO VIEW BANKING DETAILS.

How soon vehicle can be shipped?

Your purchased vehicle can be shipped as we received required deposit based on agreed terms.

What document usually customer get in DHL?

1. Export Certificate
2. Bill Of Lading
3. Inspection Certificate (if required)
4. Final Invoice
5. Marine Insurance (if required)

Do i get update for shipment?

Yes! Your account manager always keep you update about shipment booking , departure , expected arrival and DHL tracking .

Do i have to pay DHL fee?

No! Every thing is included in cost of vehicle and there are no hidden charges.

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